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Strategic Plans Drive Small Business Success

I originally believed that almost all businesses operated with a business or strategic plan guiding them in the background. I couldn’t have been more incorrect. If fact, only 15% of small businesses and entrepreneurs have put the time and effort into creating a guiding plan for their enterprise. Unfortunately, they are missing out on the benefits that this tool can provide.

Facts About Types Of Marketing Strategies For You

Businesses use several different types of marketing strategies to find success in their chosen industry today. Our advanced technology has created changes to the way we do things but there is still the need for the basic, efficient business or marketing plan. It is important that a new or veteran business owner formulate the best possible before beginning or expanding their company.

Why This Business Marketing Strategy Succeeds

Despite their best efforts, small businesses and professional services companies sometimes find that they just do not achieve the results intended or their business marketing plans cannot be fully implemented. Marketing plans can fail or miss the mark for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons, however, can be found in the business marketing strategy and not in the action plans.

Is Social Media a Fad?

This is an interesting video on social media

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